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Launching the Application

  • The LogMeIn Backup application can be opened by double left-clicking the System Tray Icon. Also, the application can be opened by right-clicking the System Tray Icon and selecting Launch Backup Console. Finally, the software can be launched from the Windows Start menu > All Programs.


Backing Up Files

  • Files that you want to backup are selected in what is called a Backup Set. To select a group of files to backup follow the steps below:

  • First, click on any computer listed in the Backup console so it is highlighted. Then select New Backup Set on the left.


  • After the New Backup Set button is selected a Backup Set creation wizard will open. Select the files you wish to backup and hit the Next button.

  • In the Backup Set options screen you can select a number of options for this backup set. The following can be configured:

Backup Set Name
Backup Set Storage Computer (Where the files will be stored)
The amount of file versions you want to keep
An option to complete the backup set with errors should any files fail to backup
An option to store the files in an Encrypted state

  • Click Next when you are finished in this screen.

  • In the Scheduling screen you can set up time and dates to run the backup set. You can set it to run manually, daily, weekly, or monthly. LogMeIn Backup uses the Microsoft Windows Scheduler to determine when a Backup Set will run.

Click Next when you have set a backup schedule.

  • The final screen allows you to export a backup set to another storage computer if you need to. This is useful in the event of a very large backup set that will take a tremendous amount of time to transfer the initial backup through the Internet. If you do not wish to export the backup set choose the option to Save settings or Save Settings and run the backup set now. Then click the Finish button. To export a Backup Set choose the option to Save settings and export to run the backup set.
  • Saving a Backup Set so it can be exported is going to create a backup set file that can be saved to a USB drive or other type of storage drive. Then the USB or other drive can be taken to the final storage computer and the backup set can be uploaded into the storage computer.

  • At this point the backup set will run or wait until its scheduled time to run. If you have it set to export it will run and save it self as an exportable file with the extension of *.lmib.


As a general rule a Source computer is where the files are currently located. A Storage computer is where the files will be backed up to and stored. Any computer can be both a Source computer and Storage computer. Important: In order to select a group of files to back up, you must be sitting at the Source computer where the files are currently located.

Restoring Files

  • To conduct a restore of the backup set follow the steps below. You can conduct a restore at the source computer or the storage computer through the Backup console. But, you can only restore the files on which ever computer you have the Backup Console opened. For example, to restore files to the source computer you must be working in the source computer's Backup Console. You cannot restore the files to the source computer while using the storage computer's Backup Console.
  • First, decide which computer you want to restore the files to. Then launch the Backup console on that computer.
  • Next, select a Backup Set you want to restore and select Restore Data on the left. This will open the Restore Wizard.

This screen allows you to select the files you want to restore as well as the file version. Each restore version has the date of the backup next to it.

Click Next once you have selected your files.

The Restore options screen provides the ability to restore the files back to their original location if you are sitting at the source computer or you can select a folder to restore the files to. Finally, the bottom options allow you to replace the existing files if you want to.


  • If you want to restore files to a new computer after the original source computer has crashed, see the following guide "Restoring my data after a crash"

Modifying Backup Sets

  • If you create a Backup Set and you decide you want to change the settings you can do so by modifying the backup set. At the source computer, click the Backup Set and choose the Modify Backup Set option. You can select and unselect files, change the amount of versions that are chosen and change the backup schedule.

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