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Forcing AoE3 to use the Hamachi connection

AoE3 will not always use the Hamachi network adapter if available; it may choose to use the regular network adapter. To force it to use Hamachi, all players should:

  1. This will only work with AoE3 version 1.04 and above.
  2. Go to My Documents -> My Games -> Age of Empires 3 -> Startup
  3. If user.cfg does not exist, create it using notepad or some other text editor. Starting with the line //user.cfg
  4. Add the line OverrideAddress="5.x.x.x", where 5.x.x.x is your Hamachi IP.
  5. Restart AoE3.
  6. When you host a game in AoE3, verify that the IP shown at the top of the screen is a Hamachi IP and that it is your Hamachi IP.
    • You can use the template premade file that I have provided in the download section.
    • If it does not start with "5." then the game did not find the OverrideAddress line. Check that you spelled it correctly. Also check that the file is in the right location and that it has the correct name. A common problem in Windows XP if you create the file with Notepad is that it may actually be saved as user.cfg.txt, with the .txt extension hidden by Windows.
    • If it shows a Hamachi IP other than the one you typed in, then your OverrideAddress line is broken. Verify that you typed it correctly, and especially that your are using vertical double-quotes (copying that line from some forums will give slanted quote characters, which do not work).

User.cfg Preview

In the end the user.cfg file should look like this:


Seeing people in the game lobby

If some of the players are on the same real LAN, they may have troubles seeing other players in the lobby. This can be fixed by advancing the Hamachi connection to the top of the list of network connections as outlined in the Gaming over Hamachi article.

Peer VPN Alias

AoE3 can be confused by Hamachi's "peer VPN alias" feature. Sometimes this causes games not to show up in the game lobby. The real indicator, though, is when it's possible for either of two players to connect to a server, but not when the other is already connected. The server will be able to see the second client try to connect, but the connection will time out. This can be fixed by making sure that all participants with the problem turn off their VPN alias:

  • If the 'Show "Advanced ..." peer menu item' in Hamachi Settings -> Window -> Appearance is not already on, turn it on.
  • Right-click on the person's name in Hamachi and go to "Advanced...".
  • Remove all text in the "Peer VPN alias:" setting.
  • The change goes into affect immediately.


User.cfg Template

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