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Note: This is n longer able t obe used as of Hamachi version Instead, use th Advanced right click menu of the peer.

If you do not see an "Advanced" option, click "Configure Hamachi" (the Gear icon), click "Preferences", click "Window", check the box next to "Show 'Advanced...' menu peer item", and click "OK". You should be able to see the option after this is set.


In Hamachi, you may have the need to access a computer by using a different IP address than it's Hamachi IP. This is the case when trying to make games like Hamachi:Counter Strike work, or other reasons. To make this feasible, Hamachi uses a definitions file called aliases.txt to convert a Hamachi IP into another IP and understandthat any traffic intended for the first, should go to the second.


To implement the Aliases feature, create a file called aliases.txt in your Hamachi installation folder (default is c:\Program Files\Hamachi). In this file, you will create the definitions to convert the IP addresses.

Example If you want to convert to be understood as then you would put:
in the file on a single line. You can put as many entries as you need in here, each on their own separate lines.

It is recommended to do this on both sides of the connection in cases like playing Counter Strike to ensure either side can host the game.

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