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by ZeroVoid
Formally known as pHamachi or Portable Hamachi

See Hamachi Talk:Buri for new release notes. This is the discussion part on the top.


Download Locations

Please visit this Wiki For the latest releases

  • Buri Download 05/06/2007
    • To get it to work you will need to copy your LogMeIn Hamachi files to the following folders:
      1. App\config
      2. App\hamachi
      3. App\driver\files
    • There is a txt document in each folder discussing more.
  • Install/Remove/Sample are no longer available...
    • Since I can't include LogMeIn Hamachi files, I cannot offer these
    • Once you copy the proper files to the proper locations you do have these functions though
  • For changes information or older versions, visit the Release Notes page at Hamachi Talk:Buri
  • Firewall disabler is off by default (if you need this limited function change the variable at the top of buri.nsi and recompile.
    • An update will hopefully be available shortly that will address some firewall disabler issues.

Video Tutorial

A video tutorial is now available at http://www.buriproject.info/howto/


I have nothing to do with Hamachi or LogMeIn, this is a third party solution and is not supported or even recommended by Hamachi staff.

What is Hamachi

LogMeIn Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application.

In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable.

Hamachi is fast, secure and simple. Its core version is also free.

Note: The above is quoted from the home page of Hamachi.cc

Hamachi Discussion Forums

What is Buri

  • Buri is a wrapper written in NSIS/C++ to install the Hamachi system driver and load your configuration.
  • It is designed to be easily run off removable media, such as flash drives.
  • Buri also is able to be packaged into a single exe file with your entire configuration data fixed. This is intended work along with other utilities such as VNC, to make it easy to deploy a tunnel with people who may be behind a firewall or router.
  • Buri does not modify or contain any Hamachi files.
  • This has only been tested with WinXP 32bit (Home, Pro, MCE)
    • If you find it works or does not work with other versions of Windows, please post your results here.
  • Buri is the Japanese word for adult yellowtail fish
    • Hamachi is the name for the smaller yellowtail fish
    • Wikipedia Article on Japanese amberjack or yellowtail
    • When you get bigger and older you become more mobile, so does the Hamachi.


  • Do not use this for anything illegal.
    • This is not a Hack Tool, please do NOT make it one!!!
  • I make no promises that this works, and any damages are the sole responsibility of the user.
  • This is not supported by LogMeIn Hamachi in any way.
  • This must be run from an Admin account to work, otherwise the virtual network driver install will fail.
    • However, if Hamachi's network driver is currently installed, it should work
  • If Hamachi is running already, Buri will try to terminate it and load the portable version
    • This does not work with services, if they are set with failsafe or at higher user level than Buri is run at.
      • Buri will notify you to manually close it in these cases.

Notice: Everything below may not be up to date for the new Buri release, please read the release notes and txt files contained in Buri until I can rewrite these

Configuring buri

  1. Delete the contents of the config sub-folder located in the App folder
  2. Run config.exe
  3. Setup hamachi as you want, with account settings and have it join the network you want.
  4. Close hamachi
  • If you have any advanced networking or routing to do with hamachi set it in the config sub-folder
  • If you want to change the incoming message sound this is the file called hamachi.wav in the app sub-folder
  • Make sure hamachi is configured before proceeding

Running as a Regular Portable Application

  • Copy config.exe and the app folder to another location
    • An advantage to this method is changes are stored in the config folder and there is no need to write the files to the user's temp location
  • You will run config.exe to load hamachi each time.
    • You can rename this to buri.exe if you like.

Compiling into a Single exe

  • Right click on buri.nsi and click compile nsis script
  • Please see the setting up the compiler section of this text.
  • The file buri.exe is created and should be about 700k.
    • This is the only file you need to use it.
  • Note: single exe's are set with their settings, every time you run it, it uses the original configured settings made before compiling
    • Do note the joined networks are all stored on the server, so these settings do change.
    • Only one user can login to a buri configuration at a time.


  • Set low speed relay
  • Have the portable version not the network operator
  • Minimize it while it is connected, then exit with tray icon - this will make it connect and start minimized
  • Make sure auto-updates is set to disable
  • Do not modify or delete anything in any location other then the config sub-folder.
  • Do not name the main loader hamachi.exe, this program seeks out hamachi.exe and kills it's process if found.
  • You may want to copy config.exe and the app folder to a folder called network owner, that way you have a separate config set of the actual account that owns the network.
    • Use this to make the network and use other portable ones to join the network. That way you have a version that can evict other accounts.
  • Telling NSIS to choose the Best Compressor will ensure you get the smallest final file possible.
  • This also tries to turn off the windows firewall if on, and revert back to it its previous state on close

Setting up the compiler

  1. Install NSIS <nsis.sourceforge.net>
  2. Install Dependencies <install depends.exe>
    • This is part of the buri Setup Package

Updating to the Latest Hamachi

  1. install the latest Hamachi to your computer
  2. copy everything in the hamachi program's file folder to App\hamachi
  3. Recompile if running single exe version, the portable app version does not need to be recompiled.



You can use this souce code for whatever you want, it is your own project, just give me credit. ZeroVoid
Which reminds me credits go to luka8088, who sent me some concept code which was implemented in this project
Thanks to Bryce S for notifying me that was not working.
Thanks Greavette for pointing out that hamachi.sys needs to be removed from the sys/driver folder upon exit.
Thanks ThiBeaz for pointing out that hamachi registry needs to be removed upon exit and suggesting using splash screens.
Thanks Paul (LMI) for suggesting the --no-splash startup option
Thanks ThiBeaz, Greavette, GianMarco, M.Cameron, D.Joensson, Xander, and a few others (I cannot remember everyone, add yourself if I forgot you) for pointing out the firewall disabler error

How can I contact you?

Email: BuriWiki (at) buriproject (dot) info

Also PM ZeroVoid in the Hamachi forum

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