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You need

C&C Gold/95 patched thipx32.dll [1]

C&C 95 on Windows XP

Find the Run.exe in your cc dir. Right-Click it and select Properties. Select "compatibility" and check

"Run in compatibility mode for Windows 95" "Resolution 640 x 480"

Apply with OK. Now ensure that C&C runs on your computer and start a single player mission with NOD/GDI. If C&C runs fine follow the next steps.

Apply the thipx32.dll

Please backup your old thipx32.dll and store it safely. Download the thipx32.dll from the source at the top and replace the old version in your cc dir.

Activate IPX/SPX for Hamachi

Open the properties window of your hamachi network adapter and add a new protocol. Select NetBios compatible IPX/SPX protocol and apply with OK. As soon as the protocol is activated for your hamachi network adapter, run its properties and fill in the following:

internal network number: 00000000 frametype: Ethernet 802.3 Network address 000001xx where XX is for a unique number in your hamachi network.

Now connect to a hamachi network (e.g. lokirulez/private) and host a game with by starting C&C and choose "network - new". Have fun!

Credit: lokirulez
Discussion Here

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