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  • Connect to the internet
  • Login to hamachi
  • Disconnect all networks except hamachi (Internet, LAN, etc...)
  • DONT CLOSE HAMACHI, let it keep retrying to connect.
  • Launch the game, Select Multiplayer->LAN
  • Press Alt+tab
  • Restore your internet connection
  • Hamachi will relog
  • Alt+tab again and play

If the game still does't work, you may try to upgrade or downgrade the version of your Hamachi to, which has been reported by users to be fully compatible with the game. You should find it easily on web search pages.

Link to download [1] Just install it, no need to uninstall the "new" one, it will ask to "update" your existing version (tested downgrading from

Playing via Hamachi

Create/Join LAN games normally, once connected


Some people have reported firewall issues with


Please see the form for discussion and additional information [2]

* This is a work in progress, and has not been thoroughly tested! Please contribute to/amend this article! *

Credit: jspoto. Parts taken from the BFME instructions on this site

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