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  1. start hamachi and connect your network. all players should be with green dots in hamachi's list.
  2. disable your "local area network adapter" in "network connections"
  3. start dungeon siege, host a game, IMPORTANT - START THE GAME!
  4. alt-tab out of ds2, enable your local area network adapter, reconnect to hamachi. done.


  1. start hamachi and connect your network.
  2. wait for the server to load the game.
  3. start ds2, select lan play and you should see the game in the list - play!


some things to say:

  • the important part seems to be that the server should START the game, not just wait with a hosted game in the lobby
  • the client does not need to do the disable/enable trick. at least it worked for us.
  • there is absolutely NO banning of IP-addresses or ports with firewalls necessary. i've read numerous comments about this, i repeat: you DON'T need any firewall at all! (it would make no sense BTW)

Credit: tecxx
Discussion Here

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