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Hamachi is running as a background process.. However your Windows account does not have permission to access it.


This message occurs when you have Hamachi:Hamachi Premium enabled to run as a system service AND have set it to only allow GUI access to specific user accounts.

Specifically, you used the Access Control option, and you're not logged on with a username that is in the list.



Either log in with one of the usernames you chose, or:

  • Log on as a system administrator
  • Click Start > Run > type services.msc > press enter
  • Right click and stop the Hamachi service
  • Go to Start > Run (Windows Key + R) > %APPDATA%
  • Open the Hamachi folder
  • Open Hamachi.ini
  • Find the line GuiAnyone 0
  • Replace with GuiAnyone 1
  • Restart the Hamachi service

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