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If you don't already have iTunes, download and install it

Now there are two easy steps to get this working.

Sharing your music:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click Edit>Preferences>Sharing
  3. Click the 'Share my music' checkbox


You can share just selected playlists by checking the 'Share selected playlists' radio button and checking which playlists you would like to share. You can change the name your listeners will see by changing the 'Shared name:'. You can set a password by checking the 'Require password:' checkbox and by entering the password you want into the textbox.


To be able to view shared music (this is usually on by default):

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click Edit>Preferences>Sharing
  3. Click the 'Look for shared music' checkbox

Now your network peers should be able to see your music in the left pane of iTunes. ( the 'Source' pane). Shared music usually shows up after the music store and before playlists with a blue icon to the left of the shared music. I have only tried two multiple simultaneous shares from iTunes through hamachi, but I'm sure you can have a lot of them. Click on the name of the shared music you would like to listen to, wait a few seconds for iTunes to load the shared music and, eureka, you're sharing music extremely easily.

Credit: ioxer
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