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  1. You must have Winamp 5 already installed on your machine
  2. Go to the www.shoutcast.com
  3. Download and Install the Shoutcast DNAS server
  4. Download and install Shoutcast source plugin for Winamp
  5. Edit your Shoutcast DNAS config file.
  6. Run Shoutcast DNAS server console
  7. Run Winamp
  8. Go to Preferences > DSP > Shoutcast source > and configure.
  9. Start music in Winamp
  10. Connect Shoutcast source
  11. You should now be streaming


  • Users can listen to your stream via http://hamachi-ip:port-configured
  • After install, Shoutcast DNAS is on Start > Programs > Shoutcast DNAS.

Credit: Linkman
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