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To make file access easier to file shares, either on or off the Hamachi VPN, you can map them as a drive letter to your computer. This allows you to access the share just like it was another hard drive installed in your computer.


Go to Windows Explorer > Tools > Map Network Drive

Select a drive letter you want to represent this network share

Under Folder click the browse button and click on the network folder of your choice.

Click OK

For a basic drive mapping on your current username (or in Simple File Sharing, the Guest account), that's all that is needed.

Using a Specific Windows User Account

Instead of hitting OK when you configure the network drive there is an option below, that will allow you to log on as a different user. This is useful when mapping shares to computers that do not use Simple File Sharing, or when you need to override the default permissions of the share with Admin privileges.

See Also: Hamachi:Windows File Sharing

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