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This solution will show how to use LogMeIn Hamachi to connect remote users to a domain environment for authentication, file sharing, and other domain centric tasks.

  1. Install Hamachi on your domain controller, DNS server, and any client needing to authenticate to it remotely.
  2. In DNS, you need to create a Host and PTR entry for your server with its Hamachi IP address.
  3. Add the DNS server's Hamachi IP as a secondary DNS server on the remote computer(s). This will allow them to send DNS requests over the Hamachi interface in order to get server information.
  4. Run Hamachi as a service. You need to do this as it needs to create the connections before you try to authenticate. This is a Hamachi Premium feature.

At this point you should be ready to test and troubleshoot as needed in your environment. Try to ping the DNS server by name from the client PC. You can also try traceroute. NSLOOKUP will not work here, as it uses the default DNS server that is set up, and you set up a secondary.

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