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Note: This message has been obsoleted with the release of Hamachi version If this condition occurs during an update in that version, it will give you the option to do a complete install, which will auto-resolve the cause of the failed update (and not affect the existing config/identity).



You got lucky - an update failed. Please complain to us at once.


First, try running an update again. In 90% of all cases the update fails because Windows was taking too long to update the driver and that was considered a failure condition. And the reason it takes a while to update the driver is because Windows needs to load 50+ DLLs in order to understand what it is it needs to do with the driver. If these DLLs were not currently loaded, it will result in a lot of disk activity and therefore very slow processing of an update request.

If it still fails

  • Shutdown Hamachi if it is running
  • Right-click and save as: This file
  • Double-click on this file from Windows Explorer. You will be asked if you want to apply the changes. Say 'yes'.
  • Run the Hamachi installer. It will act as if it is making a new installation and not an update, this is expected.
  • Run the Hamachi uninstaller.
  • Run the Hamachi installer again.


The last two steps are optional, their purpose is to remove an unneeded copy of Hamachi connection that will otherwise show up in Network Connections.

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