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Verification Steps

Disablilng your firewall is NOT an effective way to solve a problem. Configure it instead. See this section for help.

Ensure you can ping and chat between both machines.

This ensures you have raw connectivity. If this doesn't work both ways, file sharing will not either.

If chat fails in either direction, you have a software firewall blocking hamachi.exe from sending traffic. If Ping fails in either direction, but chat works, you have a software firewall blocking traffic on the Hamachi adapter itself. See Hamachi:Request Timed Out for more info/detail.

Ensure you can open the shares locally.

On the machine to be accessed, go to:

Start > Run > type "\\5.x.x.x" > click OK

(where 5.x.x.x is the local Hamachi IP).

If this presents anything other then a folder with shares listed, you'll need to retrace your configuration steps on the file sharing. You can use the "net share" command from the command prompt to verify you're actually sharing files/folders. If this command doesn't return a list of shares, you are not sharing anything. Note that the default administrative shares may not display here as they are hidden by design.

Ensure the authentication matches.

In order to use Windows File Sharing, the authentication setup needs to match on both machines. This means, that if you are using Simple File Sharing on one side, you should be on the other as well. Not doing this will force Windows to prompt you for the Windows username and password of the computer you're trying to browse.

Error Messages Explained

The path \\5.x.x.x is not available or is not a directory

This is the equivalent to "request timed out" in file sharing. It means that either a firewall is blocking the file sharing traffic, or file sharing is not properly set up.

\\5.x.x.x is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

This means that file sharing is completely disabled on the machine you are trying to browse. This is the default. Follow the steps in Hamachi:Windows File Sharing to enable it.

In the registry,

should be set to 0 if you are using Windows Simple File Sharing. This isn't accessible from any graphical interface in Windows, and has been reported to be set to 2, which actually disables file sharing in cases where anonymous access is required (simple file sharing, WIndows XP Home).
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