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by ZeroVoid
Formally know as pHamachi or Portable Hamachi

Buri Release Notes

See the Hamachi:Buri for new the latest release and readme. This is the article part on the top.


09/19/2007 - [Added Video Tutorial]

  • You can view the video tutorial at http://buriproject.info/howto/

05/06/2007 - Download

  • install.exe works with new hamachi (1.0.2.x series)
    • does not call nicmgr.exe poneyhot disable
  • added --no-splash option
  • firewall disabler is off by default
    • there are some problems with my method of detecting if the firewall is enabled.
    • however the bug was fixed where it would enable the firewall no matter what.
  • expect another update in the next few weeks.
    • My time has been limited lately to work on Buri, as you can tell it had been a few months since my last release.
    • I only have weekends to work on this and on weekends there is not much time I can allocate to this.
    • If errors or problems do occur please email me.

02/26/2007 - Download

  • Added splash screen
    • Thanks ThiBeaz for the the patch.
    • Set to ASYNC mode so buri continues to load while splash is shown
  • Added newadvsplash.dll to 'install depends.exe'
  • Fixed minor bug, where I accidently left out !define PHAMLOC "$TEMP\TCDMHA5.tmp" on line 3 in
  • Mirror(s)
    • RapidShare
    • Portableappsworld.com
  • This is compatible with Beta if you replace install.exe in the App\driver folder
    • The replacement file is at BuriProject.info or RapidShare
    • In order to add compatibility, I had to comment out execwait '"$EXEDIR\files\nicmgr.exe" poneyhot disable' $R0 from install.exe
      • This command was not called during the install of the

02/18/2007 - Download

  • Driver file hamachi.sys is now removed from sys/driver folder upon exit
    • Thanks Greavette for pointing this out.
  • "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Applied Networking" is now removed.
    • Thanks ThiBeaz for the the patch.
  • Buri Setup now extracts files to the desktop instead of same directory as the exe.
    • Many people claim they cannot find where it is extracted, because they load from their browser cache.
  • Mirror(s)
    • RapidShare
    • Portableappsworld.com

01/18/2007 - Download

  • New name is Buri
    • Japanese word for adult yellowtail fish
    • Wikipedia Article on Japanese amberjack or yellowtail
      • When you get bigger and older you become more mobile, so does the Hamachi.
  • Version Numbering is reset
    • Old version numbering was based off of the version of the LogMeIn Hamachi files included.
    • Starting at because pHamachi can be considered the 1.x series.
  • Rewrite to not have embedded LogMeIn Hamachi files
    • This was by a request from LogMeIn... sorry!
    • It is up to you to add both the Hamachi Executable and Driver files
  • Install and Remove checks for driver files in the folder named "files"
    • hamachi.inf - needs to be in files folder
    • hamachi.sys - needs to be in files folder
    • hamachi.cat - is not checked but should be in files folder
    • nicmgr.exe - needs to be in files folder
      • this comes from the hamachi installed location
  • tapinstall.exe must be in same folder as install and remove

All past versions below are not available

01/14/2007 -

  • New driver installer method
    • Does not embed the Hamachi installer
      • This saves about 800k on the file
    • If it fails to prevent the Signed Driver warning, it will continue to prompt like normal
  • Phamachi now deletes install.exe and tapinstall.exe after driver install, instead of when hamachi.exe is closed

01/13/2007 -

  • Updated to
  • Install.exe will not just freeze if it cannot change the driver signing policy
    • After 265 attempts, it will just continue and show the unverified driver prompt
  • Remove.exe will not freeze if it cant close hamachi
    • It will message you after every 15 tries to close it manually
    • This should only occur if Hamachi is installed as a service
  • Note this version of Hamachi seems to have broken chat functions
    • I would expect another update very soon

01/12/2007 -

  • Added hamachi.wav for incomming msg sound
  • Tested -minimized for hamachi.exe
    • It causes hamachi not to load
  • Removed old commented out is around install.exe, install.exe performes this check itself
  • If hamachi is already running, install.exe will try to kill the process.
    • If it can't, the program will wait until you manually close an existing hamachi session.
  • Added to install.exe
    • It will try 15 times and then display a message. This tends only to fail if it is installed as a service.
  • Changed ICON away from Hamachi Icon

01/11/2007 -

  • The bug with 1.1.3b was fixed, the problem was not in the install.exe,
    but the problem was actually in phamachi.nsi,
    the -quiet Command_Line_Switches caused it not to load.
    • Can I please get some more info on this command?
    • Removed the -quiet Command_Line_Switches for hamachi.exe

01/10/2007 -

This version will not work

  • It will be a few days before I have time to look
    into the problem, but until then, please use the older version
  • Added the -no-splash Command_Line_Switches for hamachi.exe
  • Added the -quiet Command_Line_Switches for hamachi.exe
    • This is the reason this is broken

12/04/2006 -

  • Second Official Release to the Internet that allows people to compile their own code
  • Was used when failed


  • The following are only true for releases prior to 2.x
    • The version number matches the version of hamachi integrated
    • The letter at the end is the revision of portable hamachi for each version
    • Click each version number in the release note to download that version, if available.

admin note

if you aren't going to link to the command line switches page i posted, i'd recommend removing the links to it or creating your own.

paul-lmi 00:09, 16 July 2007 (CDT)

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