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General Troubleshooting

  • Verify you are using LogMeIn Pro or IT Reach on the target computer through Backup Office. This is show on the My Computers page to the right of the computer's name.
  • Verify that the local (not target) computer can print to it's local printer.
  • On the local machine, go to Start > Run > Regedit and enter the Windows Registry. Browse to the following registry key and only this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LogMeIn. Delete this LogMeIn registry key.
  • Connect to the target machine > Click Preferences > Remote Control Settings > Enable Remote Printing then click the Apply button. Uncheck and Check this option box hitting the Apply button each time.
  • Click Remote Control so the desktop of the Target computer appears and verify the option to attach the default printer is selected.
  • Then Click Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes on the Target computer and see if there is a printer called something Via LogMeIn. If there is try to print a document. Windows 98 does not have remote printing capabilities.
    • If you do not see a LogMeIn printer then open the properties menu of another printer is this folder. Click the tab called Ports and look for a port called LMI Port. If you don’t see the LogMeIn printer port then skip to step 9.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Most of the time the steps above will solve the issue. Continue on for more advanced troubleshooting steps.

  • If you see the printer but a test page does not print, restart the Print Spooler on the Target computer. This is done in Start > Run > Services.msc > right click Print Spooler > Restart. Do this on the local computer as well.
  • If there are still print jobs "stuck" on the printer even after restarting the service, stop the service. Then go to Start > Run > and type spool and hit enter. Go into the Printers folder and delete anything listed there. This will clear the print spooler of any print jobs pending. Verify this on both the local and the target computer.
  • If you remote control into the Target computer, go into the properties of any printer, and then Ports, and do not see a printer port called LogMeIn Printer Port then the LogMeIn application will need to reinstalled. This is needed due to something removing the LogMeIn Printer Driver from the target machine (typically antivirus program, etc).
  • If the printer is still not connecting properly, try installing a new printer on the remote computer. To do this, on the local computer, open the printers and faxes folder and select Add New Printer. You can try installing the same printer that is there but you can also try adding a generic printer driver from the same family of printers. After the printer is installed, verify a document can print locally and then try printing with LogMeIn.


  • Be aware that the LogMeIn software currently uses its own generic print driver when it connects the Remote computer’s printer to the Target computer. This driver is not compatible with all printers and all software. Of particular note are cases where the customer wants to print checks and the alignment is not correct. On the Target computer go to LMI Preferences > Advanced Options > Force Bitmap Printer Apply. This may help. And as always, if you have questions, ask one of your team leaders for assistance.
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