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NOTE: LogMeIn no longer officially supports Scout, and there will not be updates in the future. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and 2003, but not Vista.



LogMeIn Scout is a free tool that allows you to scan your network for computers running remote access technology. It also allows you to deploy LogMeIn Free or Pro to machines on your network and link them to your account. Yet another feature is to scan computers on an Active Directory domain for adherence to the optional LogMeIn Group Policy template.

Scanning a Network

To scan a network, click Scan and choose your scanning options.
Image:Scout scan.png

For smaller groups of computers, you can choose Scan Network, which will scan based on the Windows Workgroup or Domain.
Image:Scout scannetwork.png

For larger networks, you'll want to scan by subnet, which allows you to put in a network IP or IP range, to speed up the scan.
Image:Scout scansubnet.png

When scanning completes, you will be presented with a list of available machines. Selecting a machine in the list will display it's details and the remote access products detected.
Image:Scout details.png

Group Policy

This section allows you to view the Active Directory policies for the machines you've scanned. Note that due to the fact that this is not a widely used feature, some naming schemes for features are in need of update.

Install LogMeIn

LogMeIn Scout also allows you to install LogMeIn Free or Pro over the network. This allows you greater control over the machines being accessed, and uniformity in the solution being used.

Click Install to start defining the list of machines to be installed.
Image:Scout install1.png

Here you can start adding computers that will be installed, or import a list generated from Scout.
Image:Scout install2.png

Click add, to add a computer, and you can also define the install directory and port LogMeIn will listen on for its settings interface.
Image:Scout install3.png

Once you have added all of the computers you wish to install, you then define the LogMeIn account they will be attached to, and their product type. If you choose LogMeIn Pro, you must already have these subscriptions available.
Image:Scout install4.png

Continuing on, the install process proceeds by downloading the software and deploying it to the selected machines. Error messages, if any, are available in the details section.



LogMeIn Scout detects the following remote access products:

  • Access Remote PC 4.4
  • DameWare
  • eblvd Remote Desktop
  • GoToMyPC
  • I'm InTouch
  • InQueiro
  • LapLink Everywhere
  • LogOnMyPC
  • MetaVNC
  • NetSupportManager
  • pcAnywhere
  • PC-Duo
  • Public Desktop
  • RealVNC 4.0
  • Remote Administor
  • Remote Anything
  • SupportAnyPC
  • TightVNC
  • Timbuktu
  • VNC (multiple versions)


  • In order to operate fully, your Windows credentials must be administrator level on the machines being targeted, and the RPC service must be running on those machines.
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