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Hamachi Mediation server has rejected your login request.


This is fairly rare problem that would typically occur for one of three reasons.

  • You have it set to run as a service, but are not on a Premium License (i.e., you let it expire while running as a system service).
  • A corruption of Identity information caused either by another piece of software on the machine or poking around the registry/config without care.
  • Installing and running 1.0 version, then downgrading to 0.9, and then upgrading back to 1.0. If you did in fact go through this sequence, please download and run this automated fixup utility http://files.hamachi.cc/hamachi-fixup.exe (~ 90KB)


Option 1

  • Go into Preferences > System > Manage service > and revert to application mode.

Option 2

  • Shut down Hamachi completely
  • Go to Start > Run > %APPDATA%
  • Rename the Hamachi folder to HamachiBackup
  • Restart Hamachi
  • You will get a new Hamachi IP by doing this, however the existing was already corrupted by something on your machine.

Option 3

  • Download and save in temporary directory http://files.hamachi.cc/priv/hamachi-purge.reg (Right-click, Save As)
  • Run the file

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