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  • To install visit and log into your account. Click the Add Computer link and follow the prompts for the Backup product.

  • Choose the subscription type and click Continue.

  • After the software downloads it will begin the installation process.
  • Click Next.

  • Read the Terms of Service and choose I Agree or Back.

  • Here you can enter the name of the computer and select Next.

  • Choose the storage folder where you want the backup data to be stored.

  • Select the installation folder.

  • The application will start to install

  • After the installation has finished you should see the computer in the account under Backup.


  • If you want your data to be stored on another computer please install the Backup software on at least two computers.
  • A Source computer is where the files are currently located.
  • A Storage computer is where the files will be backed up to and stored.
  • Any computer can be both a Source computer and Storage computer.
  • In order to select a group of files to back up, you must be sitting at the Source computer where the files are currently located.
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