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Step 1

Right click on the AVG icon in the task bar and select "Launch Control Center".

Step 2

In AVG’s Control Center right click on "Firewall" and select “Configure”.

Step 3

Backup Your Settings! AVG Firewall offers previous restore points by selecting the General tab then “Settings archive”. If unsure of the following steps or the cautious type you may also make a backup of your firewall settings by selecting "Export Settings".

Step 4

Click on the "Profile Switch" tab and double click on the "Hamachi Network Interface" to change the profile from unassigned to your preferred profile. I originally selected "Standalone computer" as my default then switched to “Mobile” but it’s recommended you continue to use your current profile. Warning "Allow All" deactivates the firewall and completely defeats the purpose of reading this how-to.

Step 5

Under the Applications tab scroll down to Hamachi Client, double click on it and under Action select Allow. Don't forget to check the list for other applications you may wish to allow or block for all network interfaces.

Note: If Hamachi is not in the Applications list you need to start it for the first time or add it manually.

Step 6

To enable or disable File and Printer Sharing select the System tab, click on the green check or red x to the left of "Microsoft file sharing and printing" to enable or disable this feature.

Other Notes

-Administrative privileges are required. -If you are running the computers in a Domain profile substitute the "Stand alone computer" profile to your profile name in number 5. -I have not added instructions for configuring AVG's optional remote admin assuming you already know how to use it and don’t need my help.

Credit: whiplash

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