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Age of Mythology requires that you tell it to listen on the Hamachi interface, if it doesn't by default.

  1. Create a shortcut of aom.exe or aomx.exe
  2. Second right click -> properties on that shortcut
  3. In the target bar after "...aom.exe" or "...aomx.exe" write
"...aom.exe" +OverrideAddress="5.x.x.x" +directIPConnectivity

The x's represent your hamachi IP.

Now I have found also an another way of doing that.

Create a shortcut, do the rest until the

"...aomx.exe" +OverrideAddress="5.x.x.x" +directIPConnectivity

part, if this doesn't work then try

"...aomx.exe" OverrideAddress="5.x.x.x"

It should show your hamachi IP as the alternate IP address. I haven't tried to play yet but it did change to my hamachi IP.

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