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This auto-aliases tool makes fixing aliases easy.

It automatically generates aliases.txt from your Hamachi contacts.

Games like Counter-Strike need this to work in LAN.

1Credits to leopll for this wonderful tool.

Note: This is n longer able to be used as of Hamachi version Instead, use the Hamachi:Advanced Peer Menu.


1. Download Auto-Aliases Tool

2. Exit Hamachi if it's running

3. Open up aliases.exe

4. Press "Generate <Aliases.txt>" button.

5. Save the aliases.txt to your Hamachi folder (usually in C:\Program Files\Hamachi)

6. Close aliases.exe

7. Start Hamachi

It may be nessecerry to flush the cached names, if for example hamachi has been running without aliases: Press start then run "cmd.exe" and then type "ipconfig /flushdns"


In Counter-Strike, if you get the Class C Error:


Repeat steps 2-7.

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