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To Play Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars over Hamachi, only a few simple steps are necessary.

1. Create a Network
2. Invite people
3. Start C&C 3
4. Go to Options then click on Network and select your Hamachi IP
5. Go to the Network Lobby and have fun!

There are still frequent disconnection problems (timeout) in the lobby with this game (some users get kicked out of the lobby: the more user there is, the harder it is to start the game). No reliable solution have been found at this day, but these steps seems to lighter the problem:

  • of course always play with the latest patch (1.05 at the time this was written);
  • play on a dedicated network, containing only the players of the current game;
  • disconnect from all other networks (right-click, go offline, on hamachi);
  • close all other applications that could use some upload;
  • while on the lobby, if you are affected by these frequent disconnections, try to regularly send a message on the chat box (this seems to be the most important step, as it prevents you from being kicked out)
  • if it's a crowded game (8 players), you may have to literally spam the lobby (and notice how half of your messages never get thought).

This problem seem to be related to the very high bandwidth consumption of the game while in the lobby when using hamachi, therefore all the previous steps try to minimize your upload. And the message spam ensure you stay in the lobby.

A reliable solution has yet to be found.

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