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Comodo Firewall is fairly simple to set up to allow Hamachi. If you set the Application section into "Learning" mode, it will actually prompt you to allow the specific connectivity Hamachi needs. If you choose not to use learning mode, you can manually set it up by doing the following:

Launch the control center

Go to the Security tab, and choose Application Monitor

Click Add, and fill out the settings according to the screenshot below:

  • Browse to c:\program files\hamachi\hamachi.exe
  • Choose "Skip Parent Check" radio button
  • Choose "Apply the following criteria" radio button
  • Action = Allow
  • Protocol = TCP or UDP
  • Direction = In/Out

  • Select the Destination IP<b> tab, and choose <b>Any
  • Select the Destination Port tab and choose Any
  • Select the Miscellaneous tab, and tick Allow Invisible Connection Attempts and Skip Advanced Security Checks

At this point, Comodo Firewall should be allowing Hamachi to connect successfully to both the Mediation Server and your peers.

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