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You may have gotten issues when trying to play the Counter Strike games over Hamachi. This is because Counter Strike requires a Class C network address, which is determined by having the first 3 octets of the IP address be the same number.

In Hamachi, IP's use Class A addressing, which means that only the first octet is the same in each IP. To solve this, you can implement aliases for your Hamachi peers.

Game Host

  1. Run
  2. In console type : sv_lan 0 (internet mode), or sv_lan 1 (lan mode)

Game Members

  1. Run game
  2. Start console
  3. In console type server IP : connect *.*.*.*

If this fails

Check out how to implement 'aliases' via the Hamachi:Advanced Peer Menu in your configuration to solve this issue. You would basically ensure all of your peers are aliased to have the same first two IP octets as you, as in:

If you are 5.xxx.xxx.yyy Your peer's alias should be 5.xxx.xxx.zzz

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