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You may come to a point where you need to centrally manage your networks in one place, or many, without actually accessing the Hamachi interface directly. This can be achieved via the web management interface, my.hamachi.cc.

Create an Account

In order to start, go to http://my.hamachi.cc and register an account. This is a simple process, requiring only a valid email address. You will be sent a confirmation email which you need to click a confirmation link in within 48 hours in order to start using the account. Keep in mind that this account is optional, and not created automatically.

Log In

To login, simply enter your chosen username and password. If you don't remember your password, use the reset password link to change it.

The Summary Page

This page shows you totals of the clients you are currently connected to or managing, and any relevant networks associated with them.

Adding Clients

In order to start managing clients (and the networks they own) via the web interface, you'll need to add them. In the Clients tab, you'll see a link to add a new client.

This will take you to a request page that will allow you to request administration rights from the peers you wish to manage online. Enter in the Hamachi IP of a computer you want to manage, and click Submit.

As soon as you submit this form, the Hamachi system tray icon on that machine will start blinking, indicating a new system message. Either go to that machine, or have some one else, and double-click the icon (or right-click, New Message). You'll see the request for administrative control from the username and email address, and have the option to Grant or Reject.

Click Grant to put this machine into your web management account.

If this machine owned any networks, you will be able to now manage them online. You have options to Evict and Change Owner right from the web management site.

Evicting Members

In the networks tab, you have a list of available networks that are owned by Hamachi computers you have added to your management account. You can click each network name, and then see a summary list of all it's members, with their license status (* for Premium), Hamachi version, and the ability to evict them. You cannot evict yourself, or delete a network from the web interface.

Changing ownership

You can also change the ownership of your network via this page. This is helpful if for some reason you need to change the ownership of a network to a new/different computer without being able to move the whole account (i.e., moving the Hamachi config files). DO NOT try to set the owner of your network to a client that is running the Hamachi OSX or Linux version. You will lose ownership indefinitely, and there is no undoing this. Keep ownership of networks on Windows machines because the Hamachi web management interface is for 1.x versions only, i.e. Windows.


  • This portal is optional, and not automatically created
  • It is for Windows client/network management only
  • It cannot move licenses to another computer
  • If you change ownership of a network with Premium features enabled to a computer on Hamachi Basic, the network will be suspended until the Basic user downgrades those features.
  • This site will eventually be phased out as Hamachi is transitioned to reside and integrate into the LogMeIN infrastructure.
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