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This is still a DRAFT

Install xterm
Install dropbear SSH
In xterm, do a dbclient [email protected] with password "rootme" (if rootme doesn't work, update your Nokia software to the latest version, at least the 3/2007 version.
Change the user password so sudo works "passwd user <password"
Change the root password (since SSH is now open to the network) "passwd root <password"
Download the Nokia 770 build of Hamachi and save it in the root of the file system
In terminal "sudo gainroot" (if this fails, see how to force gainroot to think it's in R&D mode all the time

"cp /home/user/MyDocs/hamachi- /hamachi.tar.gz
"cd /"
"tar -zxvf hamachi.tar.gz"
"cp /hamachi/hamachi /usr/bin/hamachi"
"cp /hamachi/tuncfg /sbin/tuncfg"
"chmod 755 /usr/bin/hamachi"
"chmod 700 /sbin/tuncfg"
"ln -sf /usr/bin/hamachi /usr/bin/hamachi-init"

Install is complete. Commands are the same as in the normal Linux versions http://logmeinwiki.com/wiki/Hamachi:Install_on_Linux#Network_Operations


"sudo" gainroot needs to be run each time, because the permission base for the Nokia embedded linux filesystem is not the same as a default linux install. This means your hamachi config will be created in /root/.hamachi instead of /home/<user>/.hamachi .

You may want to change the keepalive time due to the fact that this is a wireless device, and has potential for higher latency. You can specify whatever amount of seconds you want (20 being 20 seconds).

vi ~/.hamachi/config
KeepAlive 20
<press enter>
<press "Back" button on device>

The device does not have "ping" locally installed by default, but can be pinged.

It can run the n800 using OS2008.

Running for the first time

"sudo gainroot" - to become root
"tuncfg" - to start tunneling
"hamachi init" = to create a configuration file and get a key
"hamachi start" = to start hamachi


It's unknown (to me) whether file sharing in normal Windows' form is available with this device. Use HFS (http file system) to get access to files on another machine.

The media player can be used to pull media (.pls) streams from a Hamachi enabled ShoutCAST server.

Maemo.org has both a vncviewer and x11vnc (server) port for this device available in the ApplicationCatalog2006.

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