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Hamachi can be used as connectivity method to your Microsoft SQL Server. This is useful if you have remote users that use a local application that is database driven in another location. Rather than opening up ports on your network firewall, you can use Hamachi to tunnel directly, and safely, to the database server.


First, the SQL server needs to be told that it has to listen for network TCP connections and on which interfaces to do so.

Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager and go to Network Connections > Protocols.

Double Click TCP/IP.

Enable TCP/IP as a connection method.

Enable the server to listen on the Hamachi IP address.

The server can now be connected to via the Hamachi interface. The last step is to ensure the clients can connect. This step is more a verification is the client is still in the default Hamachi configuration.

Go to Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings and ensure Hamachi is the first adapter in the list.

That should be all that's needed to allow SQL connections via Hamachi.


To connect to the server, make sure you use the Hamachi IP, not the host name, unless you either add a HOSTS file entry or run a DNS solution through the connection. IP mapping will also have a slight performance gain over hostname mapping to the server.

  • You CAN NOT use the "Block Vulnerable Microsoft Services" option in Preferences > Security > if you are running SQL on it's default port, as this feature blocks it.

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