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Note: This page has been created by the Hamachi team. It has been reviewed for validity and content. If you would like to request changes or additions, please email [email protected] referencing the link to this page


Norton's new security product, Norton 360, is actually less obtrusive to Hamachi connectivity. To ensure that it does not block any Hamachi peer/server traffic, implement the following


  • Open Norton 360's main window and click Tasks and Settings

  • Click Change Advanced Settings

  • Click Firewall Protection Settings

General Rules

  • Click Firewall General Rules

  • Here you'll create a new rule, and ensure it is prioritized above the block rules. Click Add.

Click the option to Allow and then Next

Select the option for To and From and click Next

Select Only the computers and Sites and click Add

Select Using a Network address and enter in

Click OK then Next.

Select Allow All then Next.

Click Next

Name your rule, for example Hamachi - All and click Next

This screen will show detail of the rule. Click Finish
Make sure you move the Hamachi rule you create to the top of the list, or at least above all of the Default Block rules.

Firewall Program Rules

Click this tab to confirm Norton 360 allows Hamachi.exe to function properly. On a default installation of Norton 360 and Hamachi, this rule should already be created.

If it is not, restart your machine, start Hamachi, and Norton should learn the Hamachi program's connectivity. Once this rule shows up, you can set it from custom to Allow to ensure everything works properly.

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