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Based on the feedback we collected so far - be advised that NIS seems to be fairly tricky to configure properly when it comes to the advanced options. We have few reports stating that NIS does NOT work as per its own configuration and filters some traffic out, which it should not.

Just keep this in mind, triple-check all you settings, don't hesitate to reboot the machine to make sure new settings are forced into the firewalling engine, etc.


  • right-click on NIS system tray icon, select [b]open norton internet security[/b]
  • select norton internet security, sekect status & settings
  • select personal firewall, click configure
  • select advanced tab, click general
  • click add, select permit, click next
  • select to and from, click next
  • select only computers and sites listed below[b], click <b>add
  • select using a network address, type in first field, - in second, close dialog
  • click next
  • select tcp and udp, select all types of communications, click next
  • click next
  • name the entry, click next
  • select appropriate option, if not sure - check all
  • click next, click finish

You should now be back to Rules List window. Select newly added rule and move it all the way up. At the very least it must preceed block microsoft windows 2000 smb, block epmap and block windows file sharing entries.

Add that rule to ALL locations (default, Home, office, and away) and also add to the trusted network zone to ALL locations.

The above enables two-way unrestricted TCP or UDP communication over Hamachi. To add similar ICMP (ping) support, create another rule repeating all steps, but specify ICMP protocol instead of tcp and udp.

Note that NIS does not show Hamachi adapter in its 'local networks' lists.

Credit: apankarat
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