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Note: This page has been created by the Hamachi team. It has been reviewed for validity and content. If you would like to request changes or additions, please email [email protected] referencing the link to this page


These instructions will walk you through configuring Norton Internet Security 2007 to allow Hamachi to communicate with the mediation server and your peers.


First, open Norton Internet Security 2007's main window

In the Norton Internet Security tab, go to Settings>, then <b>Internet Security and Firewall Settings.

In this section, click Advanced Settings and then in General Rules click Configure.

In the window that opens, click Add

In here, you'll create a rule to allow all Hamachi traffic. You may want to modify some of these settings if you're joining a network with peers you don't trust, but that is beyond the scope of this writeup. Select the Allow option, and then click Next.

Select the to and from option and then Next.

Select Only computers and sites listed below and click Add

Select Use a network address and use these values:

Click OK and then Next.

Allow All and click Next.

Click Next

Name your rule, for example, Hamachi - All, and click Next

This screen confirms your rule options. Click Finish.

Make sure you move the Hamachi rule to the top of the list, or at least above the first Default Block rule in the list to ensure it is prioritized.

Select the Program Control tab, and confirm that the Hamachi rule is set to Allow. This should be the last step. Click Apply, close the Norton windows, and reboot to be sure Norton adheres to it's new settings.

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