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  • 'Enable messaging' toggles whether or not you want to have messaging allowed.
  • 'Show chat windows in the taskbar' toggles whether you want a taskbar entry for each chat window you have open.

New message


  • 'Blink the application icon in the system tray' will only blink the icon in the system tray (3 green dots) when a new message arrives.
  • 'Display the chat window immediately' will show new messages on-screen when they arrive. This is recommended if you need to get your messages immediately, to prevent overlooking the tray indicator.
  • 'Play sound' will toggle whether Hamachi plays a sound when receiving a new message. This sound, by default, is the "balloon" sound from Windows, but can by changed by placing a new sound file named Hamachi.wav in the Hamachi program folder.



  • 'Do not sent "Typing..." notification' toggles whether your peers will see when you are typing a message to them.
  • 'Keep chat logs', when enabled, stores your chats in the chats folder of your Hamachi configuration.
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