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Security settings to help further secure your Hamachi experience.


  • 'Block vulnerable Microsoft Windows services' allows you to block traffic on services such as DNS, File Sharing, WINS, and other Microsoft related protocols. See note below for more detail.
  • 'Block new network members by default' will automatically block new members from tunneling to your machine until you unblock them. This is useful to employ when you are joining/creating networks where you do not know and trust all the members that may join after you.

Public RSA Keys

Shows the public encryption keys of your network peers. You can right click a key to copy it's fingerprint and remove it from Hamachi's key cache.


The ports that the "Block vulnerable Microsoft Windows services" option blocks are:

  • 135, TCP and UDP (DHCP, DNS, WINS)
  • 137, TCP and UDP (NetBIOS Name Service)
  • 138, TCP and UDP (NETBIOS Datagram Service)
  • 139, TCP and UDP (NETBIOS Session Service)
  • 445, TCP and UDP (Microsoft Directory Services)
  • 515, TCP (Network Printing)
  • 593, UDP (RPC over HTTP)
  • 1433, TCP (SQL Server)
  • 1434, UDP (SQL Monitor)

This setting is also able to be turned on during initial setup.

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