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Options for how Hamachi runs as a program


  • 'Show Hamachi window when I log in to Windows', when checked, will display the graphical interface when you log on to Windows.
  • 'Run Hamachi as a system service' displays if you are running Hamachi in Application mode. It will be disabled if you are running Hamachi Basic, as the system service feature is for Hamachi:Hamachi Premium.
  • Hamachi:Manage Hamachi system service is displayed if you are running in service mode. You can revert to application mode, and change service permissions settings here.


Settings for program maintenance.


  • 'Automatically update Hamachi' allows for Hamachi to automatically download and install new version updates. This is disabled when running as a system service.
  • Hamachi:Set Master Password allows you to set/reset a password associated with your Hamachi account/IP.
  • 'Open Configuration Folder' allows you to open the %appdata% folder where the current Hamachi settings are stored.


  • 'Do not disable the network adapter on exit' keeps the adapter running even if Hamachi isn't. Useful for running Hamachi in application mode under a non-administrator user account.
  • 'Do not use Universal Plug and Play' allows you to disable Hamachi from trying to auto-configure your router. If this is checked, you will most likely need to configure the NAT settings in Hamachi:Detailed Configuration.
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