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Appearance settings for Hamachi


  • 'Show the application window in the taskbar', when checked, will add a Hamachi task item in your taskbar when the program is not minimized to the system tray. This is off by default.
  • 'Hide offline network members', when checked, hides any member that is not in the 'online' status in your networks. This is off by default.


Confirmation settings in Hamachi


  • 'Confirm when exiting Hamachi', when checked, will show a Yes/No dialog before allowing Hamachi to close. This is useful to avoid accidentally shutting down Hamachi.
  • 'Confirm evicting a member from the network', when checked, will prompt you before allowing you to evict a user from one of your owned networks.

Default network member label

How the peers in your network list will appear


  • 'Hamachi network address' will display only the IP address of each peer.
  • 'Nickname' will display only the nickname of the peer.
  • 'Custom' allows you to customize the display with Hamachi variables, which are $ADDR for the IP address, and $NICK for the nickname.

Double-click action

Action to be taken when you double click a peer in your network list.


  • 'Ping peer' will launch a command window and persistently ping the peer. This is useful for troubleshooting.
  • 'Send Instant Message' will open a message window to the peer.
  • 'Browse Windows File Shares' will open Windows Explorer and point to the peer's Hamachi IP. The user must have shares enabled for this to work properly.
  • 'Execute Custom Command' will execute an optional command you may have configured via hamachi-override.ini to do a custom action.
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