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Setup has failed


There are two common causes of this problem.

  • Hamachi's updater was prevented from stopping the Hamachi system service (Premium feature, not a default). To stop it manually, go to Start > Run > Services.msc > right-click and stop the Hamachi service. This will only be the case if you have Hamachi Premium or Premium trial and are running it as a service.
  • Most frequently setup problems are caused by running some malware (spyware) removal applications in the past that were finding something suspicious and then doing a poor job removing it. Basically they ruined parts of the Windows networking system while removing spyware. The consequences of this will not surface until you'd try to do something nontrivial in networking area .. for instance, installing the Hamachi network adapter.


  • In order to find the exact cause for the failure, it is recommended to rerun the installer with the left CTRL key held down. This will produce a detailed install log in c:\temp that will have details of what the failure is.
  • In versions and earlier, the install may fail at "creating shortcuts". This is fixed as of, and is actually due to not being able to create a registry key in HKEY_Classes_Root\ for the .hamachi file extension. You can use RegMon to determine this key and create it manually to overcome this.
  • In cases where the adapter fails to install, you can try to restore the TCP/IP settings via a winsock fix. You can download this utility from http://www.snapfiles.com/get/winsockxpfix.html . This fix reverts your Windows networking registry entries back to defaults. It requires a reboot, and must be run locally on the machine, not remotely.

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