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  • To Configure Sygate Firewall Pro Begin by opening advanced rules in your firewall and click "add".
  • In the first tab "General" you have to give this rule a name so you can identify it.(I named it Hamachi)click on allow this traffic, make sure you have it set on all network interface cards.
  • Now move to the next tab "Host" The IP that Hamachi gave you will be used here click on IP Address(es) and type Hamachi's IP address of the computer or computers that you want to connect to.(separate addresses with a , )
  • On the next tab "ports and protocols" make sure it says ALL next to protocol and the traffic is set to both ways.
  • You can skip the last 2 tabs. Their default is correct. Just click OK to save your config and with all steps done you should now be able to run Hamachi with your Sygate Firewall Pro.


After configuring in Advanced Rules you will have to go to Options and under the Network Neighborhood tab make sure that Hamachi Network interface is set to allow OTHERS to share files and printers. Both boxes should be checked in other words Smile At the bottom under Description it will say that "Network Neighborhood has been completely enabled" This is also crucial in making Hamachi work with Sygate.

Credit: Burned_Out
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