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Future edits will be added to increase the usefulness of this article.


Troubleshooting licensing issues

Troubleshooting Connectivity

To the mediation server

Hamachi connects to a central server on ports 12975 TCP, and 32976 TCP. These are destination ports on our server. To permit this activity in a network firewall, something like

ip allow 12975 TCP *.hamachi.cc
ip allow 32976 TCP *.hamachi.cc

for example would be what to implement.

The first port is used for an initial contact, and the second is used for an actual session.

If the methods above fail in connecting the the Mediation Server, Hamachi will try to use standard SSL connectivity (TCP port 443) to connect to it.

To troubleshoot, first try pinging one of the servers:

ping bibi.hamachi.cc

If this failed, then either your software firewall (on the machine), or a network firewall blocking traffic to our servers. You'll need to determine if it's your local machine, or something in your path to the server that is causing the issue.

tracert bibi.hamachi.cc

This will most likely tell you where the issue lies.

Keep in mind that if both the default connectivity, and SSL are failing, the most likely cause is either a network firewall/filter, or a proxy server misconfiguration (settings locally or the server itself).

To peers

Troubleshooting file sharing


List of Hamachi error messages

Failed to configure Hamachi network adapter
Failed to connect to Hamachi network adapter
Failed to enable Hamachi network adapter (obsolete as of 1.0.2.x)
Failed to connect to mediation server
Failed to load Hamachi configuration
Failed to load installtion log
Hamachi is running as a background process
High level of connection requests
Mediation server has rejected your logon request
Setup has failed
tap: bad response 00007f00 (linux/OSX only)
tap: connect() failed 2 (linux/OSX only)
You got lucky. An update failed (obsolete as of 1.0.2.x)
Mediation server complained that we sent a message that doesn't make sense (obsolete as of 1.0.2.x)
You are witnessing mysterious internal error, which is not supposed to exist
Connection to the mediation server has been unexpectedly lost
Failed to bind to the port specified in 'Fix UDP port' option in Preferences
Failed to obtain network address of your web proxy
Failed to connect to your web proxy

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