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Go into Hamachi Preferences > System > Enable Diagnostic Log.

Logs are place in %APPDATA%\Hamachi (your Hamachi configuration folder) and are rotated when they reach 8MB.


Add the following lines into Hamachi configuration file and restart Hamachi client :

  • LogFile <log_file_location>
  • DebugLog yes

If the configuration file is stored in its default location, the following shell commands will enable the logging -

# echo "LogFile ~/.hamachi/log" >> ~/.hamachi/config
# echo "DebugLog yes" >> ~/.hamachi/config
# hamachi stop; hamachi start

Additionally, Hamachi client can be prevented from going into a background (daemonizing) if it is started with the following command. Keep in mind that in this case, you will need to issue actual Hamachi commands (e.g. hamachi login, hamachi list, etc) from another terminal window.

hamachi start debug

Running in this mode can be combined with setting LogFile to /dev/fd/1 to send all log output directly on a terminal screen.

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