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There are 3 things that ZASS needed to know for Hamachi.

  1. First is to enter the network adapter into the Firewall section of ZASS. I entered with subnet mask into the trusted zone of ZASS.
  2. Since Hamachi is constantly evolving, you need to tell ZASS that Hamachi changes often. To do this open the Program Control tab and found the Hamachi program. Right click on it and select Changes Frequently. You can also do this by right clicking and selecting Options and then checking Authenticate program by full path name only.
  3. Hamachi uses different ports when connecting to peer computers. To configure ZASS properly, click on the Hamachi program and select options. Next select the Expert Rules tab and then selected Add to add a rule. Give the new rule the name "Open All Hamachi Ports". Then select status enable, Action Allow, and Track Log and clicked on OK and applied the changes.

ZASS will now allow Hamachi to auto update and use any port for communications.

Credit: diddler
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