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LogMeIn IT Reach includes comprehensive alerting capabilities for monitoring and responding to various aspects of your environment. This means you can know about issues as they are happening, and respond quickly to resolve them.

Quick Start

This section will walk you through setting up a basic alert; when a machine goes offline. Offline machines can potentially mean that there is a serious connectivity issue, and this is a highly recommended alert for server monitoring.

1. Log in to your LogMeIn.com account, and go to the Alerts section. Then choose Alert Groups.

2. Click Add Alert Group to begin defining the group of machines you would like to monitor.
3. Define which IT Reach machines on the account you wish to monitor by moving them from the Available computers list to the Computers in this group list. Click continue.

4. In the Conditions page, select Computer and click Add Alert Condition.

5. Set the Description to Offline, the action as Goes Offline, the time for 3 minutes, and your preference of contact options. You can send to multiple email addresses by using a semicolon (;).

6. Click Save
7. Click Finish and Save All

See Also: LogMeIn:Alerts/Detail

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