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The Inventory feature is used to collect hardware and software data pertaining to IT Reach machines on the account.

To enable it, click the Inventory link, then check Enable Inventory Reporting and click Save.

Machines on at least version 3.0.625 of LogMeIn IT Reach will begin reporting inventory data within a few minutes. You will notice a View link in the Inventory column next to each machine on your My Computers page to view this info. See Notes below if you do not.



Allows you to view a snapshot of the hardware configuration of the machine.


Allows you to view a snapshot of the software installed on the machine.


Allows you to view a snapshot of the Windows system info on the machine.


  • Existing Administrators do not have the ability to use the Inventory feature by default. The Master Account Holder needs to enable this for them via the Users menu. New Administrators will have this as an option to be allowed when invited.
  • Turning off Inventory removes the existing snapshots stored on the website. USE CAUTION when enabling/disabling Inventory.
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