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The LogMeIn Rescue API is a useful tool for pulling information related to your Rescue account out of the LogMeIn environment and into your own for processing. The primary examples of why you would do this are:

  • CRM Integration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Billing Integration

The pages related to the API are written with a technical audience in mind. Since utilization of the API is custom in nature, the following are to be noted:

  • support for it is very limited due to it's usage being custom in nature
  • knowledge of API/Web Services usage and coding are required

API Actions

Account Info Examples
login Used to authenticate the API session. PHP | C# | C# SOAP
logout Used to log out of the API session. PHP | C#
getAccount Used to get the account info on the currently logged in user. PHP | C#
getHierarchy Used to get the Hierarchy of a Rescue account PHP | C#
CRM Integration Examples
requestPINCode Use to supply user data and receive a private session PIN code. PHP | C#
generateEmailText Use to get email text to send to end user after requesting PIN code. PHP | C#
Reporting Examples
getSession Get the session list of any node (tech, or channel) PHP | C#
getReport Get report based on set parameters PHP | C#
getChat Get the chat log from any session the logged in user has access to PHP | C#
getNote Get the notes from any session the logged in user has access to PHP | C#
getReportArea Get the type of report current set for retrieval. PHP | C#
setReportArea Set the type of report to be retrieved PHP | C#
getDelimiter Get the delimiter set for text based output PHP | C#
setDelimiter Set the delimiter for text based output PHP | C#
getOutput Get the output type currently set PHP | C#
setOutput Set the output type PHP | C#
getReportDate Get the begin and end date currently set for reporting PHP | C#
setReportDate Set the begin and end date for reporting PHP | C#
getReportTime Get the daily start and end time for reporting PHP | C#
setReportTime Set the daily start and end time for reporting PHP | C#
getTimeZone Get the time zone currently set for reporting PHP | C#
setTimeZone Set the time zone for reporting PHP | C#
Sessions Examples
startSession Used to force a specific session to start PHP | C#
holdSession Used to place a specific session on hold PHP | C#
transferSession Used to transfer a session to a specific node/channel PHP | C#
closeSession Used to close/end a specific session PHP | C#
cancelAction Used to cancel the last action and reverse it PHP | C#


  • Examples provided in PHP require inclusion of the NuSOAP library on the server they are to be run from. This library was chosen both because PHP4 does not support SOAP, and because PHP5 does not implement it as a default, so it must be compiled to support it. You can download the NuSOAP library from If you compile PHP with SOAP, you may need to modify the example code to work in your environment.
  • Examples in C# are compiled for ASP.NET 2.0 compatibility, and use HttpWebRequest, which in turn uses the HTTP POST variables listed in each action's specification.
  • The default output of the actions is text. Use the setOutput action to change it to XML as needed/wanted.



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