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The LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card is a very useful tool that allows you to give your customers a simple and direct channel to connect back to your for remote support. This is a value add for your business for return customers and optimization of your incoming channels of support sessions.

Setup Overview

Setting up the Calling Card is very simple, and you have quite a bit of flexibility in regards to branding and customization of the look and feel of the application.

To start, go to the Calling Card tab in the Admin Center. Here you can customize the look and feel of the Calling Card.


Application name is the name the application will install under. This name appears in the Taskbar, the Start Menu, and is the name of the Desktop Shortcut that is created upon installation.

Menu bar settings control the small menu bar of the Calling Card. These colors should contrast each other for easier readability.

Border controls the outside border of the whole Calling Card. This color should be the same as either the menu bar, or another color you choose as a secondary color in your Calling Card's color scheme.

Footer controls the color of the Calling Card's footer, and how tall it is. It is not recommended to make the footer very tall.

The Icon file is the image that is displayed as the Desktop Shortcut, the Start Menu shortcut, and the Taskbar icon. This should be created as a 48x48 pixel ICO file. The image MUST be square in order for Windows to properly recognize and display it.

The Header image is the topmost image of the Calling Card. It is recommended to make this image the same width as the background image, and not too tall.

The Background image is the largest part of the Calling Card, and serves as the entire background for the functional areas of the Calling Card. This image should be a plain, neutral color, and be the same width as the header image.

The links section allows you to customize the contents of the footer, and also customize your help page (default help page is LogMeIn Rescue's). You can have a total of 5 footer links. Make sure the text for the links does not exceed the overall width of your background/header, as it will distort your Calling Card.

You can also display custom messaging before and after your Calling Card's form. This is usually used if you require the display of a licensing agreement or support agreement prior to delivering support.

You can also configure field specific settings. This section allows you to choose which of your custom fields are displayed, used, and/or are required in the Calling Card. To customize the fields themselves, visit the Settings tab.

You can also configure settings to be used if the Calling Card will not direct to a channel by default, and instead require the PIN code method. This method is a direct replacement for pointing customers to for PIN code entry.

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