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This script will make a call to the LogMeIn Rescue Single Sign On service 
and if login is successful, a link to enter the Rescue account will show, 
otherwise, status is shown.

//define login details
$SSO_Url = "";
$SSO_CompanyID = ""; //indicated in code from Rescue Admin Center Settings tab
$SSO_Password = "";  //set in Rescue Admin Center Settings tab

//if using static SSOID
$SSOID = 'Some ID';
//if using web server auth, ie, company intranet auth

//////////don't edit below unless you know what you are doing//////////
//set up array for http request
$url = array( 'SSOID' => $SSOID,
                          'Password' => $SSO_Password,
                          'CompanyID' => $SSO_CompanyID)

//build the url
$url = $SSO_Url . http_build_query($url);

//uncomment for debugging
//print $url . "\n" ;

//get the response from the server
$return = file_get_contents($url);
$loginstatus = substr($return,0,3);
$loginurl = substr($return,3);

if ($loginstatus == "OK:"){ 
        //uncomment for debugging
        //print "\n" . $loginurl;
        //create link to login
        <a href="<?php echo $loginurl ?>">LogMeIn Rescue</a>
else {
        echo $return;
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