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Failed to load Hamachi configuration
Failed to load Hamachi configuration. The application will now exit.


This can happen if another program corrupts your Hamachi configuration or identity information.


To fix whatever corrupted your configuration, open Start > Run > %APPDATA% and rename the Hamachi folder. The next time you start Hamachi, it will connect as if for the first time, but the issue should be resolved.

Note that <username> refers to the Windows username that Hamachi was installed with.

Also, you may want to ensure Hamachi is running in Application mode instead of the built-in Service mode for these changes, which can be done by deleting HKLM\Software\Applied Networking\Hamachi\Profile from the registry before starting Hamachi.

Note that it may be easier to get to the Hamachi configuration folder by clicking Start > run > %APPDATA%, and click OK, then rename the Hamachi folder.

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