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Hamachi uses colored shapes and indicators to portray peer/network status.

Stars vs. Dots

A star indicator means that the peer is running Hamachi Premium or a Premium trial. A dot means the peer is running the free version of Hamachi.


Blinking green indicates that Hamachi is online and working to establish a peer to peer connection.

Solid green means that a peer to peer connection has been established

A glow/outline around the green indicator means that traffic is actively moving accords the connection.

Gray status

Means that the peer is offline, and no connectivity is present. This would happen if the peer was not signed into Hamachi, or not online in the network. The indicator will also be gray if you are not online in the network.

Cyan (blue)

Cyan indicators mean that Hamachi was unable to establish a peer to peer connection, and fell back to using a relay.

A cyan/blue arrow pointing down means that both peers are running the free version, and are connected via a low speed relay (8 Kbps).

A cyan dot or a cyan star indicates that at least one of the peers is Premium, and the tunnel is making use of a high speed relay.


Means that both peer to peer and relay connection attempts failed. This is usually caused by a network firewall or software firewall, sometimes by being behind multiple NAT devices on each end of the connection or by using the client that does not support relaying; most notably - 0.9 series of Linux and OSX clients.


Means that you are blocking all network traffic to/from this peer. This block can be toggled via a right-click menu as shown on this screenshot.

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