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This has been tested on both Windows 2000 and XP, it works for both. This guide (and the screenshots) were made for Windows XP however there is little difference in the procedure for Windows 2000.

Here is a step by step guide, with pictures:

  1. Install Hamachi, I assume you have already done this or know how.
  2. Get Red Alert, then install it, INCLUDING THE 3.03 PATCH like this (do not select any of the other installation options):
  3. Go into your red alert directory (C:\GAMES\REDALERT, if you used the default settings) and start rasetup.exe, and set the 'Destination Address' to like this and hit OK:

    Note: Steps 4, 5 and 6 are for Windows XP only

  4. Still in your red alert directory, right click on ra95.exe and click 'Properties':
  5. Now select the 'Compatibility' tab:
  6. Finally tick the 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' box and select Windows 95 from the drop down list if it's not already selected and click 'OK'
  7. Open the network properties for your Hamachi 'adapter', like this:
  8. Click the 'Install...' button as pictured here (and disable File and Printer Sharing while you're at it, you don't want everyone to be browsing your harddrives or abusing your printers now do you):
  9. Select 'Protocol' in the next window and click 'Add...':
  10. Select 'NWLink IPX/SPX (etc)' and click 'OK' as shown here:
    IPX will now be installed.
  11. Now select it in the list of the network properties dialog and click properties like so
  12. Now the IPX properties dialog will come up. Use the following settings or make sure it looks like the following picture, then click 'OK', then click 'Close': Internal network number: 00000000, Frame type: Ethernet 802.2, Network number: 00000000
  13. Now, for each of your other regular network connections go the properties, like this:
  14. Make sure the IPX settings of each of these connections are set up like this:
  15. Reboot your PC. Yes, this step is absolutely necessary, I only figured this out after two days of endless sorrow. Reboot your PC or this WILL NOT work!
  16. Have you rebooted your PC? Really? If not, DO it or you will regret it. If so, good, everything should be ready now. Launch Red Alert, go to 'Multiplayer Game', select 'Network', and if you followed the above steps, you should now see whoever you want to be playing with! Congratulations!

Credit: StrikerNL
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