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DRAFT: This solution is not yet complete, pending functional testing. This article will be updated when the functionality is ready for public use.



Level 3 domains are a way of segregating traffic to specific peers and controlling what resources/type of traffic they can transmit or receive to you. The logic is that you have the ability in version 1.0.2.x and higher to set up multiple Hamachi network adapters, and you then have the ability to control the resources used on each adapter.

You then have the ability to assign which adapter will be used to communicate with a specific peer, thus giving you more granular control over your communication with that peer.

Please keep in mind that this is a very advanced solution and is currently experimental. Not recommended for use on mission critical deployments, yet.

Adding another virtual network adapter

In order to add extra network adapters, you will need both nicmgr.exe and the driver files. You can download them [here].

  • Extract these files to your Hamachi program folder.
  • Open a command prompt
  • Change to your program folder cd c:\Program Files\Hamachi
  • Run nicmgr poneyhot install "hamachi.inf" to create another adapter
  • Open your Network Connections folder, and rename the adapter (something other than Hamachi)

Repeat on the other machine.

Configuring hamachi-override.ini

You'll need to tell Hamachi about this new adapter. This is done via a special file called Hamachi:hamachi-override.ini.

If you haven't already, create hamachi-override.ini in your Hamachi configuration folder, c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Hamachi. (accessible through Hamachi:Preferences: System

In Hamachi:hamachi-override.ini, add the following:

L3Domain nameofadapter, ipaddress/subnetmaskshortcode


L3Domain HamachiL3Test,

Repeat on the other machine.


When running Hamachi after this change, Hamachi will configure BOTH your default Hamachi adapter with it's given Hamachi IP, and your L3Domain adapter with the IP you specify.


  • Don't use an IP on your L3Domain adapter that would conflict with an IP on your Hamachi network.
  • If you try to use the 5.x.x.x IP schema for the second adapter, it's gateway will conflict with the default one. Use different IP ranges
  • You need to mimic the setup on each side of the tunnel for them to communicate with each other.
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